Yonghong Li too Busy to Arrange Cash


Yonghong Li has still not been able to collect all the cash that he has to transfer to the account of Silvio Berlusconi to get AC Milan to his name.

He has only three days left in his hand before deadline and he is busy in frequent meetings with a private bank to get some loan financed so that he can have the necessary amount.

Berlusconi has already been given one fifth of the amount, but, more than four hundred and fifty million Dollars are still outstanding and while Li has arranged a decent chunk of that amount with the help of several companies who are his partners in this investment, he is still lacking a little bit which he is hoping to get from the bank.

This is actually the same bank which had been approached by another industrialist for the same purpose one year ago. He was from Thailand, but, he was willing for a relatively small amount as he was looking to occupy only a small percentage of Milan. Li, on the other hand, has opted for the entire club and so obviously the amount he is seeking has got to be much higher.

However, that Thai industrialist was also the one whose name was unknown to most of the people in the business world of Asia. So, in that way he can be likened to Li who is not widely recognized either and nobody is sure about his personal wealth. That might be why he is not getting the loan financed that easily by the bank.

However, the sources close to him say that he is hopeful to convince the bank within the time he has got, though they don’t reveal what he is offering as a guarantee for the loan.