A club owned by Silvio Berlusconi, one that was implicated in the 2006 match fixing scandal that rocked Italy, a club that saw Dida rolling around in agony from the slightest touch from a Celtic fan, the side that drank champagne at half time when 3-0 up against Liverpool in 2005, the fans cheering injuries to opposing players.

There are any number of reasons to hate AC Milan, yet they still sit at the top of Italian and European football, which only goes to make them more infuriating.

Their owner, the former Italian Prime Minister Silviio Berlusconi, is one of the most disgraced politicians since the cold war. His “Bunga-bunga parties”, the corruption in Italian politics that he oversaw and the serious criminal charges he has warded off simply by being Prime Minister. This man alone is enough to turn a neutral against Milan.

Add to their vile owner the way they damaged one of the great footballing nations in 2006. As the national side were being crowned World Champions the likes of Milan along with Lazio, Juventus and others were being found guilty of match fixing and receiving penalties for their offences.

Milan seemed to get away with it though receiving only an 8 point deduction. They returned to European football instantly and won the Champions League in 2007!

Their previous appearance in the Champions League also gives reason to hate AC. When 3-0 up at half time in the final their players and staff were photographed drinking Champagne in the dressing room. This arrogance came back to bite them when their opponent, Liverpool, scored 3 quick second half goals and went on the win the European Cup on penalties.

There are plenty of other reasons that quickly add up to reveal Milan as far from a respectable, major European side. They have seemingly been around at the top of the football pyramid for as long as anyone can remember yet do they deserve it? I think not.