Suso believes in Gattuso

AC Milan winger Suso believes that former player GennaroGattuso is the right man for the club. The manager has come under intense critics in recent games after AC Milan has made a poor start to the season.

However, Suso believes that he is the right man for the job and that he is sure that the club’s situation will improve as the season goes by. He said that the club is now in a better place following the departure of the Chinese owners and that the club is better managed by the Elliot Management Corporation.

Suso said that the American company has brought in some former AC Milan players such as Maldini and Leonardo who knows the club from within and that this is evident in the way the club is being run.

He said that it was difficult to perform under the Chinese owners as there were so much going on off the pitch and that this was affecting them on the pitch.

“When asked about the club’s current form he said that it will take some time.“ He said that critics are wrong when they target GennaroGattuso as he feels that he is the right man for the job. He said that he understands football well and that you have to see him on “the pitch to understand“ his passion.

He said that the manager has a clear plan on how he wants the club to perform and that it will take some time for the players to adapt to the strategy. Suso said that there are some quality players in the team and that there are no reasons why they cannot win trophies. He believes that the team will improve as the season goes by and that their progress will be evident for all to see.