Not Easy to be the coach of AC Milan


Carlo Ancelottil, the former coach of AC Milan, told that being a chief coach at AC Milan is not that easy job. Ancelottil, who is now coaching Real Madrid, spent 8 years as in charge the Milan club before leaving for English giant Chelsea in the year 2009.

While speaking to a leading radio, Ancelottil told that Galliani is the most important person at Milan. The former coach added that is not just a director, but he is also a fan, a person who grew up with these colors and has always done his best for the club. Also, there is the directorial side, as Galliani has experience no one else in the world can boast. He could not tell about what the future holds, but his hypothetical absence would be a huge loss.

Speaking to the radio, Ancelottil also expressed his sympathy for the present under-fire Milan coach Massimiliano Allegri. He told that being a coach of AC Milan is not easy at all as results are not just the only thing that counts. One also has to adopt the philosophy dictated by President Silvio Berlusconi. The manager has to atempt to pursue those objectives as well. Mentality counts for a lot within the Rossoneri camp, even more so than results.

Speaking about AC Milan, we must also state that Milan are reportedly looking for Arsenal contract rebel Bacary Sagna as he is set to be out of his contract this summer.