Javier Hernandez continues to struggle

The Mexican forward Javier Hernandez continues to struggle trying to secure consistent playing time as he was transferred over to Real Madrid but with the season reaching its last 2 months, it doesn’t really look like Hernandez is in the plans of Carlo Ancelotti who has utilized the Mexican player in less than 15 matches.

Hernandez has a contract with Real Madrid which ends at the end of the current season but the Spanish club has the option to sign Hernandez on a permanent deal. Let’s say that Real Madrid does decide to keep Hernandez with an extended contract, the player is not comfortable with having to stay on the sidelines for the majority of the season as he has already expressed his dissatisfaction in having to serve as a substitute player.

Even when Hernandez does reach the end of the season and returns to his parent club Manchester United, the Mexican forward is still not expected to turn into a consistent starter for Louis van Gaal and this has started a series of rumors which have linked the Mexican player with a number of different clubs including: Ac.Milan, Stoke City and Inter Milan.

The main problem that Javier Hernandez has been experiencing in these past few years is that he joins some of the biggest European clubs as he could never turn into an influential player at Old Trafford and after 5 seasons he was signed by Real Madrid on a season long loan deal but if he wants to turn into a regular starter, he will have to join a club where the competition in the squad isn’t as high.

C.Ronaldo, Benzema and James Rodriguez are the main offensive stars of Real Madrid meanwhile in Manchester United things aren’t much better as: Wayne Rooney and Robin van Persie take the entire spotlight of the team. It’s incredibly difficult for a player like Javier Hernandez to compete against these world class performers.

However, if he does make a switch to Ac.Milan or Stoke City, he has a huge chance to make the best of the remaining seasons of his career.