Gennaro Gattuso critiques the players of Ac.Milan

Ac.Milan are far from being the dominant club that they used to be a few years ago. The Italian outfit has struggled to snatch a spot in the top 3 positions of the Serie A and the last time that they managed to win their domestic league title was during the season of 2010-11.
Since 2014, a total of 6 managers have been sacked or decided to simply departure and this just shows the inconsistency that Ac.Milan has been going through in the past 5 years.

Ac.Milan appears to not have any clear leaders in the pitch and the entire squad is underperforming except for a few players who have managed to stand out.

GennaroGattuso used to perform with the Italian club from 1999 until 2012 and in this period of time, he helped Ac.Milan in sealing 2 Champions League and 2 Serie A pieces of silverware. Gattuso was never really considered to be a skillful player but he was a performer that was well known for his work rate and extremely energetic playing style.

From the start of a match till the end of it, Gattuso was seen giving it everything he had in every single game and the former player of Ac.Milan said that the current lineup of players of the Italian team don’t deserve to wear the red and black jersey of a historic club such as Ac.Milan.

"The Milan team I played in was a perfect machine. We had champions, the budget was different, but there was above all a great sense of belongingness. When you took to the field and lost a game, it felt like being at a funeral in the dressing room afterwards. When you took to the field, you know that you were wearing a shirt which had made history in Italian and world football. Today, in many games, you cannot see this belongingness.’’ Former Ac.Milan player, GennaroGattuso said.

According to the former Ac.Milan player GennaroGattuso, one of the reasons of why the Italian club is suffering so much is due to the squad not having any real leaders on the pitch as well as anyone who actually deserves to wear the jersey.