Carlo Ancelotti has stated that he is still unsure about a return to the San Siro

Former Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti has stated that he is still unsure about a return to the San Siro as the manager of AC Milan.

The Italian recently revealed that he would be taking a sabbatical if he was sacked by Madrid, which turned out to be the case. After just two years as the manager of the Spanish club, Ancelotti was relieved of his duties after a poor campaign. He has been speaking about requiring an operation in order to correct a few aspects. Being free from a job will allow him to recuperate sufficiently.

However, Ancelotti has been coaching non-stop for several years now. After being in charge of Milan for almost a decade, he immediately joined Chelsea. After his departure from the Premier League outfit, he took over PSG and led them to league titles. The French club then laid on the path towards Real Madrid where he won the 10th European cup for the Spanish club. After a non-stop two decades as the manager, Ancelotti is on the verge of becoming Milan manager. One of the aspects that may prevent him from doing so will be the current status of this Milan team, which is far away from the Champions League winning days under Ancelotti.

"I've always got on well with Galliani. We'll decide on June 3.Will I take a year off? We'll see," said Ancelotti about the possibilities of rejoining Milan."Carlo is thinking of taking a break for a year but I hope to convince him to accept Milan's offer. The final response will arrive on Wednesday.He'll think about it for a few more days but he told me that there's a 50-50 chance.I'll call him on Wednesday. We're agreed on everything but we'll see what he says on Wednesday when I call him," said Milan vice president Adriano Gallaini.