AC Milan wont permamnently Deal with Marco Van Ginkel

It looks like AC Milan is not going to have a permanent deal with Marco Van Ginkel the coming summer.

When Van Ginkel had been loaned out to San Siro last year, it was thought that the Holland player would stay long there.

The Rossoneri were supposed to be quite interested in investing in him, but, his stay there so far has been pretty troublesome. He has struggled to stay fit and as a result, has not played much.

He has just featured 4 times for Milan and the rhythm has been completely missing in his play in those games.

Ginkel was obviously rated very highly during his time at Vitesse, but, coming in the top leagues, he has not had the same kind of influence.

To be honest though, he has had fitness issues and then, he has not had too many games to play either.

He was actually sent to Milan so that he could gain some top level Football experience there, but, the purpose of that deal has not quite been fulfilled.

It’s almost certain now that the young play maker would be returning to West London once the ongoing season is done.

The Rossoneri, in the meanwhile, are exploring their options elsewhere. They are said to have set their eyes on the teenager from France named Morgan Sanson.

Playing for Montpellier at the moment, Sanson has surprised everyone with his holding ability in the midfield. He is too good for his age, that’s what some of the people who follow French Football say about him.

It would be interesting to see how much amount Montpellier demands if Milan approaches them. The sources say it is not going to be less than 7 million Pounds.

Apart from Montpellier, Sanson has played for Le Mans as well for one season.