AC Milan Begin New Season with Win over Torino

AC Milan made a surprise positive start to the new Italian Serie A season after a 3-2 win over Torino.

Following the game, manager Vincenzo Montella said that the team had a long way to go before winning back the fans. Milan have been declining as a club in the last decade. After several years of protests, fans have started turning against the team. They have been expressing their displeasure by not renewing season tickets and other means. Montella came as the new AC Milan manager in the summer and he has already made a difference.

The 3-2 win against Torino may have been a rollercoaster ride and a nightmare for managers, but it was three important points on the opening weekend. Montella will be aware that it will give a lot of confidence to the players. Confidence is always a key element when determining form. Milan especially need a lot of confidence at this moment since they take on Napoli in the second game. Even though this will be a Napoli without Gonzalo Higuain after his departure to Juventus, they still remain a formidable outfit. Montella is likely to give all the respect Napoli deserve for having been one of the top Italian outfit in the last few years.

“We must win back the fans, as they are not angry with this team or coach.We are convinced we can get them on side and today they were close to the players right from the warm-up. The beauty of football is that it's illogical. Today Donnarumma's save gave justice to everything we'd seen on the pitch beforehand. I am happy with the performance, we had 70 very good minutes.The lads have a lot of belief and that can make the difference in the long run,” said Montella after the win.