The AC Milan manager Massimiliano Allegri is contemplating changing the style of football at the San Siro this season in order to reclaim the title back from Juventus, with David Beckham's annual loan move set to be snubbed this year.

AC Milan managed to lift the Italian Serie A after a long time couple of seasons ago. However, Juventus managed to reclaim the title back from them last season after finishing unbeaten.

It was a first time that a side has managed the feat in the current league format. This is an achievement that is clearly recognised by Massimiliano Allegri, who has said that it will take a superhuman effort in order to bring back the title from the old lady.

This coupled with the loss of Zlatan Ibrahimovic says that AC Milan have to change the style of play in order to be competitive this season. Due to the extraordinary talent of the former Barcelona striker, AC Milan simply had to give the ball to the Swedish striker, who would then put the ball back in the net effortlessly. Without the 30-year-old leading the attack, AC Milan will have to change the attacking style in such a way that the football is played more on the ground. Allegri has also said that Juventus will be hard to stop this season after they have made some intelligent purchases.

“Ibra makes the play very centralised, whereas now the football will be distributed in a different way. At the end of last season we had too many injuries and lost Thiago, while the Champions League elimination was a psychological blow. But that doesn’t mean we should’ve lost the Scudetto. Are Juventus set to dominate? Last year the papers said we were going to dominate, that it was a battle between Milan and Inter. Yet Juve emerged unbeaten, so, who knows?," said the AC Milan manager.